About Us


Our mission is simple:

Complete Office Supply is trained and equipped to be the sole source for All the office supplies and office furniture every company needs. We promise to develop ongoing training and education programs for our staff so that we may continue to deliver the best service and support to our clients and be the ultimate source of knowledge for any office supply product and office furniture question you may have.

Complete Office Supply was founded in 1988 to provide high-quality services to the metropolitan Indianapolis area. This dream quickly became a reality and flourished into something greater than we had ever imagined. In 1990, office furniture was added to the existing product mix of everyday office supplies, copy paper and toner products.

Not stopping there, by 1993 we had rounded out those offerings with an extensive array of both Information Technology products and Janitorial/Break Room items.

As we entered into the 21st Century, Complete Office Supply knew technology would be critical for our customers, but we also knew that making our clients confident about their purchases was even more important.  To ensure a high level of customer service, we built our online platform, simultaneously consolidating from 3 locations into one superstore location to house the operations of our customer service team, our sales support team, a full-service office showroom, our server operations, our warehouse and distribution team and our fleet of delivery vehicles. We continue to base the majority of our operations here today.

Our focus for the next 20 years? Simple. We promise to continue finding ways to save you money on the supplies you need. Complete Office Supply promises to make our company the easiest company to partner with for all of your needs and we promise to continue staffing our company with the best and brightest people in our industry.