Alan Bird


Name: Alan Bird

Title: President

Started at COS:  1989

Favorite Client Moment:  There is not just one moment, but our summer customer appreciation picnic is absolutely my favorite event of the year!  It’s always fun to see our customers have a chance to enjoy a change of scenery, and for our team to spend time face to face with the clients they learn so much about throughout the year.

Favorite Thing about working at COS:  Every day is different.  Some days, we are presented with an opportunity to come to the rescue when there is an office emergency. Every day we’re presented with the opportunity to help prevent these emergencies and also build really great friendships.  These relationships s are one of life’s greatest rewards and another one of my favorite things.

Quirky Fact:  I have never been on the cover of GQ or any other men’s fashion magazine.  I restored two of the first cars I owned, a 1960 Cadillac and a 1969 Plymouth Fury as well as my first motorcycle a Yamaha DT175.  Also, I was an avid Dungeons and Dragons player as a young man.