Print, Mailing & Promotional Supplies

Complete Office Supply understands the important of our client’s brand and communications. We partner with clients to provide the best vendors for promotional products, mailing and print items. There’s nothing worse than investing in a design and campaign, to only have it delivered on an underwhelming presentation.

Mohawk™Fine Paper Supplies

Mohawk britehue_grade image Complete Office Supply provides a variety of fine paper solutions. One of the most popular paper brands we provide is from Mohawk Papers. Mohawk Papers, based in Cohoes, New York is one of the leading innovators in paper production and is known for its fine products as well as its commitment to the environment. Mohawk is the first manufacturer to get 100% of its energy from Windpower.

From multipurpose , recycled and copy paper, Complete Office Supply offers a wide-range of Mohawk Products™Fine Paper we carry. Please keep in mind that we can provide you with swatches for any of the Mohawk products offered.

Plotter Paper 

Complete Office Supply offers a variety of products for your Plotter Paper plotter. The most commonly ordered product are the replacement ink cartridges that many of your printers use. We also offer a variety of paper products to keep your printouts looking good. Plotter products depend on client needs. Here are a few items clients can find in our catalogue.

  • Ink Cartridges
  • Bond Paper Rolls
  • Inkjet or Vellum Plotter Paper

Presentation Binders

Presentations are the core of all sales efforts and are essential office products to have on hand. The data your sales team creates is only as effective as the binder avery-framed-durable-presentation-binder that carries it. Sharp presentations require sharp looking presentation binders.

Complete Office Supply offers Presentation Binders with variety of types and sizes. We walk clients through what to consider when picking out the perfect binder for your presentation, including:

  • Round Ring vs. D-Ring.
  • Cover Size
  • Premium vs. Economy

Sheet Protectors

There are many ways to hold your Avery Heavyweight Top Loading Protector presentation materials in a binder. Sheet protectors have been the most commonly used items. However, many clients can become overwhelmed with all of the choices. Below is a list of things we help clients to consider when putting together presentations with thee protectors.

  • Size specifications for presentations
  • Top Loading versus Side Loading
  • Non-Glare versus Standard “crystal clear”
  • Standard Weight versus Heavy Weight
  • Tabbed versus Non-Tabbed
  • Avery Diamond Clear Heavyweight Top Loading Sheet Protector
  • Avery Protect ‘n Tab Top Loading Sheet Protector
  • C-line Clear Poly Side Load Sheet Protector

Thermal Booklet Binding

Also known as “unbinding,” this system allows you to take your unbind-xu138-thermal-binding-machine presentation directly from the printer, place the documents into a cover, and bind them in 90 seconds!

Custom Covers by Unibind Thermal Binding System™ include the following benefits;

  • Automatic Binding
  •  Allows you to remove and add pages up to 5 times
  • Prevents accidental pop-outs
  • Page strength of 25 pounds
  • Hard Covers and soft, flexible covers are available
  • Custom covers can be ordered with your name foil stamped on the front and/or the spine
  • Die cut openings can be placed in the cover to allow your images to show through the cover