Product Demos and Education

Did you know the standard antibacterial cleaner many people use must be left on the surface for 4 minutes in order to kill the reported 99% of germs?  Beyond making a strong case for hand-sanitizer, it also drives home the point that education is critical regardless of the product.

As part of our company mission to deliver the best service and support, our team is continually educated about product requirements and innovations, which we share with you to ensure you are supported in running your business effectively.

You benefit from our product education by:

  • Understanding which supplies best meet your business objectives.
  • Understanding what office supply decisions make the biggest impact
  • A support team, that knows and can share product facts easily

As part of our commitment to ensuring you get the products you need, we also provide product demos or trials prior to purchase. Want to sit in a chair for a week before you choose to buy?  Our on-site trials allow customers to experience a product look and feel before you make any purchases, so you know what you’re getting.  And we know that it’s right for you.

Interested in attending an event to catch up on the latest and greatest news for the products you need?   Complete Office Supply provides this service through lunch-and-learns, blog posts, and as-needed customer support.

To learn more about upcoming events, visit our resources section!