Hello, and welcome to the Complete Office Supply blog.

From here on out, this blog will serve you, our customers, by keeping you update on the goings-on here at Complete as well as cover any promotional items we have during the week.
Diet CokeSpeaking of promotional items, while this blog may be new to you, our featured item this week is probably not – Diet Coke! No, Diet Coke is not a traditional office “supply” per se, but it is as important to any office as a stapler. Who am I kidding? It’s probably more important! Let our friendly deliver team save you a trip to the store and have your next supply of Diet Coke delivered right to your desk tomorrow! Did I mention delivery was free?


Do you have Fourth of July plans this year? How about plans for the First of July instead?
It just so happens that July 1st falls on a Friday this year. What better way to kick off Independence Day weekend than to join us at Complete Office Supply for our annual Cookout! Come celebrate the extended weekend with us at the offices of Complete, located conveniently at 7209 E. 82nd St.


We will have food, games, drawings for prizes, cold drinks, beer (shhh…), and good company!…so to speak. Plus, won’t we all be dying to have an excuse to tell the boss we need to cut out early for the weekend? And that we may need to bring a few of our favorite co-workers with us?? The more the merrier! Get the weekend started early and join us July 1st at 11:30 at our offices! Get to know the good people at Complete! See you July 1st!



Is your company lacking something? Namely a water cooler or two? Don’t fret. This week’s featured product is Nestle Premium Spring Bottled Water. These bottles arePremium Spring Bottled Water made with 15% less plastic than the average bottled water and the label takes 30% less paper to make. If you’re worried about the environment, Nestle Bottled Water is the way to go. And with our free delivery, you can rest assured that no one in the office will go thirsty anymore. Or have to use the water fountain.

Also, don’t forget that this Friday is our Fourth of July Cookout Celebration! There will be free food, contests, and prize giveaways. On display will be an assortment of gently used furniture for sale. We will have chairs, desks, filing cabinets, and some other items all on crazy discount prices. Come get the Independence Day weekend started early by celebrating with all the good folks at Complete Office Supply. Grab a burger, a beer, and have some good times! See you there!


marcal recycled bath tissue - mrc6024

Hello and welcome back to the Complete Office Supply Blog! How much money is your companyMarcel Bath Tissue MRC6024 flushing down the toilet in toilet paper every month? Wouldn’t it be nice if this occurrence could somehow be more environmentally friendly? The Simple Steps Bath Tissue by Marcal has you covered there. Every roll contains 168 sheets and every one of them are made 100% recycled content. There are 24 rolls in a carton and each one comes individually wrapped. Give us a call and stock up your bath supplies today!