Appointment Books for 2012

Hello and welcome again to the Complete Office Supply Blog! Our Featured Item of the Week is the Quicknotes Appointment Book from At-A-Glance. Each spread has a highlighted sections for notes with high importance. Appointments range from 8 AM to 5 PM, there’s a section for contact information, and it even has a storage pocket for loose paper or receipts. With 2012 quickly approaching, it’s always good to get a head start on your planning for the new year. Grab yours today!

Super Sticky Post-It Notes

Our Featured Item of the Week are the Super Sticky Post-It Notes. If you’ve ever left an important message on someone’s desk only to find that a breeze has blew it off someone’s desk, then these notes are for you. Have the confidence to leave messages on virtually any surface including desks, computer monitors, keyboards, or walls. Each pad holds 90 sheets and a pack holds multiple colors! Get yours today!

High Speed Copy Paper

Are you constantly waiting on your printer to be fixed? Or are you always having to fix a paper jam? Our Featured Office Products Item of the Week is the Willcopy High Speed paper. The High Speed paper is engineered for use in high speed copiers, plain paper fax machines, and ink jet or laser printers. You won’t find any dust in these reams, either. Every sheet is cut perfectly square to guarantee problem-free printing. It’s ideal for everyday business use! Bulk pricing is available when you order more than 2 cases! Get yours today with your next Office Supplies order!

Does your Paper Towel Dispenser save you money?

Hello, and welcome back to the Complete Office Supply Blog! I’d shake your hand but I just used the restroom and my hands are still wet because they ran out of paper towels.
Speaking of which, think about how many paper towels are wasted each day. Although most people aren’t aware of it, they use way too many paper towels simply because they have a seemingly endless supply of them at their disposal. Literally.
This week’s featured item is the Kimberly-Clark Touchless Electronic Roll Towel Dispenser. It’s touch-less, electronic, and…well, it’s exactly how it sounds. It features second sheet reduction which allows you to reduce the size of the second sheet, and you can also adjust the number of seconds between uses with the adjustable time delay. It should save a few of your dollars from going exactly where used paper towels go – the trash. Plus, your customers and employees will appreciate not having to touch a dirty, wet handle before exiting the bathroom.